COVID-19 NOTICE: Many services can be performed remotely!

Remote Support for your Phoenix Business

Some issues can be fixed remotely, without the need for onsite support. When possible, remote support allows you to have a technician connect to your business’s systems over the internet, allowing us to resolve issues much faster than when onsite support is required. Remote support can be utilized for many different issues, including virus and malware removal, software support and troubleshooting, printer setup, VPN setup and connection, and more. Our technicians can be on the phone with you, allowing you to walk us through your issue and perform tasks not possible remotely, or we can take care of your service on our own, allowing you to do other things while your issue is remotely resolved.

Why use remote support for your Phoenix business?

One of the best things about remote service is that it allows your technological issues to be resolved without having to physically accommodate our staff. Your business is a busy environment – we don’t want to get in your way and slow you down. When remote service is possible, it means that we can do many of the same things we could do in person without needing to disturb your working environment. In addition, remote support can often be scheduled much faster than onsite support, meaning you spend less time dealing with problems and more time operating your business. Our goal is to get you back to working order as fast as possible, and remote support is a powerful tool in our arsenal to accomplish that goal.

What services can be done remotely?

Although remote service is a great way to save time and money, it only works for certain kinds of repairs. Here are some of the things we can help you with remotely:

  • Software issues / errors
  • Virus Removal / Cleanup*
  • Email setup / Outlook connection
  • QuickBooks / Accounting software errors
  • User profile errors
  • New printer setup
  • VPN setup / connection*
  • Tutoring / education

*Sometimes these services cannot be performed remotely, depending on the exact nature of the issue.

COVID-19 Notice

In the age of Covid-19, we understand that many at-risk customers would prefer to keep physical contact at a minimum. In this case, our remote support is a great way to keep your systems up and running without risking exposure.

Although our technicians make great effort to reduce exposure, the nature of our work exposes us to many different people. If you would rather avoid contact, we understand completely. Just give us a call and request remote service, and if it’s possible to resolve your problems remotely we will get your appointment scheduled.

If remote service is not possible but you still prefer to avoid in-person interaction, we can still schedule a no-contact pickup of your equipment so that we can take it back to our facility and fix your issues there. Then we can do a no-contact drop off and walk you through any setup over the phone.

Contact Arizona Computer Guru for Remote Support

If you’re ready to schedule remote service for your Phoenix business, just give us a call at 623.887.8300 and let us know. We’ll get you set up for the next available appointment, and you’ll be on your way back to working order in no time. You can also use the form on this page if you prefer email – just allow us one business day to respond.

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